About us

cr.appliance is an independent team of experts that supports its clients in the healthcare industry with counseling, development concepts and services during the early stages of clinical drug development and throughout the licensing process.
We are focused on the scientific and strategic consultancy in drug development.
cr.appliance uses its well-documented, recognised expertise to the benefit of its clients.

Our team of experts has undertaken successful project work in the pharmaceutical industry as well as work in the service sector (CROs), hospitals and academia. The team has a wealth of well-founded, up-to-date expertise. This, combined with many years of professional experience in a number of specialist fields and areas of work, enables us to provide high-quality consultancy, create sustainable and viable development concepts and offer customer-specific services in various aspects of drug development.

cr.appliance has excellent links with many representatives of scientific institutions, hospitals, regulatory authorities and industrial managers. The core team is actively involved in a number of expert networks and regulatory networks. These networks give cr.appliance a great deal of flexibility in terms of resources and make it possible to work on and contribute to even large, complex projects.

Karen Grave-Hermann, MSc
Dr. med. Robert Hermann, FCP