The cr.appliance team of experts has carried out successful project work in the pharmaceutical industry as well as work in the service sector (CROs), hospitals and academia. The team has a wealth of well-founded, up-to-date expertise. This, combined with many years of professional experience in a number of specialist fields and areas of work, enables us to provide high-quality, independent consultancy, create sustainable and viable development concepts and offer customer-specific services in all aspects of drug development.

The core team has many years of experience

  • in translational medicine (preclinical/clinical development interface, “from bench to bedside”),
  • in clinical pharmacology (e.g. “first-in-man”, drug-drug-interactions and ECG studies to ICH E14)
  • in exploratory/experimental medicine (“proof of mechanism”, “proof of principle”, “proof of concept” studies).

Clients benefit from our in-depth knowledge of clinical drug development and regulatory processes, our thorough understanding of the social, industrial, economic and regulatory environment in which clients operate, and the high-quality services that cr.appliance provides.