cr.appliance expertise and services in the drug development process
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The concentration process in the pharmaceutical industry is continuing with increasing momentum. 
Cost-saving programs are routine and are also affecting companies R&D teams. Consequently specialized company-internal drug development expertise is diminishing, scientific input and control over development programs are weakening and mentors for young talented scientist are often not available. In the future, drug development programs will be determined by reduced financial funding and more cooperation with external resources. 

CROs, used traditionally as general service providers in drug development, focusing on clinical operational tasks such as study organization, study monitoring and data management, are often not well prepared for the required strategic consultancy in development programs.

The industry, however, is in need of experts, who have a strong track record of managing critical scientific and strategic aspects of development programs over years. Only they can sufficiently support the current needs of drug developers.

cr.appliance offers this specific know-how to support the pharmaceutical companies in sustainable and successful drug development.

cr.appliance takes a 360° approach.
The team of experts always evaluates and works on development projects from the different perspectives of the essential disciplines and functions involved. Many years of experience and many successful development projects enable us to provide well-founded consultancy with the aim of achieving value- and time-optimised drug development.

Constant changes to legislation, with much stricter requirements and burden of proof for the registration of new drugs, combined with scientific advances in medical chemistry, substance screening, pharmacology, toxicology, clinical pharmacology and biostatistics, are fundamentally changing drug development processes. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies, contract research organisations (CROs) and scientific institutions therefore face a growing complexity in interdisciplinary scientific questions, processes and regulations relating to drug development. This leads to significantly longer development times and more setbacks and failures for company research and development units.

Therefore experienced moderators who can effectively communicate with all the disciplines involved are becoming more and more essential in order to focus and accelerate developments and improve their substantial quality. Clinical pharmacologists increasingly play the part of translator between the specialist functions and decision-makers in industry, CROs, clinical physicians (investigators, opinion leaders) and the authorities.

When it comes to developing the right concepts and methods and making ‘go/no go’ decisions, there is no limit to the expertise a company can accumulate, particularly at the preclinical/clinical interface. It is always worth calling in independent, external expertise at these times.

cr.appliance excels through its openness and transparency in analysing and communicating project-specific issues, always acting in the interests of clients, its focus on customers, results, quality and reliability, and its ability to meet deadlines and budgets.