Welcome to cr.appliance

We support drug development activities by our clients through

  • our high-quality independent consulting services and by creating, evaluating and augmenting development concepts,
  • our flexible, reliable, high quality service,
  • our successful international experience in regulatory processes,
  • our proven partnerships with study centres, investigators, CRO partners and academic institutions,
  • our work in clinical and regulatory networks.

For years we have been working with companies in the health care industry on the development and registration of medicines. Thereby, we have supported our clients to successfully run target-orientated, cost-efficient, creative and intelligent drug development programs. 

Our clients particularly value cr.appliance’s specific expertise in the fields of human pharmacology, experimental medicine, early clinical development through to “proof of concept” and the increasingly important preclinical/clinical interface.

Our advice and services are sought on a wide range of issues and challenges in early clinical development, including support and planning for biopharmaceutical development projects, providing additional external expertise during the submission and licensing process, and on life cycle management issues of established products.

Our clients benefit from the cr.appliance expertise especially in strategic tasks.

Karen Grave-Hermann, MSc
Dr. med. Robert Hermann, FCP