cr.appliance services and target groups
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cr.appliance offers a broad spectrum of activities in the field of scientific and regulatory consultancy and services for clinical drug development with a focus on conceptual and strategic aspects consultancy. 

Consultancy & Concepts

  • The core competence of cr.appliance is the creation and evaluation of scientific and strategic development concepts. With many years of experience in drug development cr.appliance complements in-house teams especially in strategic tasks.

Services Medical & Scientific Writing

  • Development of study plans, study protocols, CRFs, investigator brochures
  • Writing of expert reports, research reports, IMPD- and CTD-documents
  • Writing of scientific publications, reviews, posters and abstracts, etc.

Education & Training

  • cr.appliance experts also act as mentors for scientific talents. In on-the-job training programs they accompany young scientists and project managers providing know-how and professional insight into current scientific and regulatory best practices.

CRO Navigation & Selection

  • Selection of suitably qualified CROs
  • Contract and interface management with CROs