DDI Workshop Series

cr.appliance will be continuing its International Marbach Castle Workshop series on scientific and regulatory aspects of drug-drug interactions in 2016.

The DDI Workshop 2016 will take place between May 29th to 31st, 2016, at the Marbach Castle Conference Centre, Lake Constance, Germany.

The overall objective of the International Marbach Castle DDI Workshop series is to improve and disseminate the scientific knowledge about drug-drug interactions (incl. food-drug and herb-drug interactions), to foster their proper preclinical and clinical investigation and communication, thereby improving the safe use of drugs in the light of ageing populations, complex patients with various co-morbidities and increasing poly-pharmacotherapy.

DDI Workshop Series

DDI Workshops are an initiative of cr.appliance in cooperation with Hartmut Derendorf, Amin Rostami-Hodjegan, and Oliver von Richter. The meetings take place in Marbach Castle Conference Centre, located at the Lake Constance, Germany.

The workshop events combine a regualtory update on the investigation of drug interactions along with a scientific update. The meetings offer the opportunity to discuss and network with scientific and regulatory experts from Pharma- and CRO-industries, international regulatory bodies, and academia.

The organizers of the DDI Workshops are:

  • Hartmut Derendorf, PhD FCP; College of Pharmacy, University of Florida, USA
  • Robert Hermann, MD FCP; cr.appliance, Germany
  • Amin Rostami-Hodjegan, PhD FCP; Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences, University of Manchester, UK
  • Oliver von Richter, PhD FCP; Dept. Exploratory Medicine, Merck Serono, Germany

DDI Workshop 2015

Marbach Castle DDI Workshop 2015
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