10th Marbach DDI Workshop

Registration for DDI 2019 – The 10th International Workshop on Regulatory Requirements and Current Scientific Aspects on the Preclinical and Clinical Investigation of Drug-Drug Interactions is open. May 26th to 28th, at Marbach Castle Conference Center, Oehningen, Germany.

In its 10th anniversary year, the Workshop will cover a number of highly important regulatory topics in depth. The Workshop will open with a historic review of past, present and future of the investigation of DDIs, featuring presentations from an academic and industrial point of view. This will be followed by a session on changes in the regulatory DDI landscape from an European and international point of view. Recent international DDI guidelines on DDIs and PBPK will be reviewed and discussed. A special topic of great interest are DDIs with hormonal contraceptives. There will be a number of presentations to shed light on this issue from an academic, regulatory and industrial perspective.

On the second day we will be fortunate to have presentations from global leaders in the field of transporter-based DDIs, focusing on uptake transporters in the gut and the utility of endogenous biomarkers in early clinical trials. Also on the menu is an update on an ongoing transporter probe-cocktail study. The last session will focus on Metabolism-Based DDIs & Clinical Management of DDIs, reviewing approaches of predicting DDI with integrated model-informed drug development capability as well as the clinical management of DDIs.

(For further details please look at the Marbach DDI menu of this website or go to https://www.ddi-workshop-marbach.org